Other Services

  • Exhibition Logistics services

    Freight services for exhibits and support material from point of origin, local customs and administrative clearances, assembly at site, general logistical support during the event including warehousing, re-export to point of origin.

    Customs Clearance

    Registered customs clearance agents doing customs related document collection and deliveries in all Iraqi ports, airports, and border customs points.

    Industrial Packing

    Industrial packing to make large/small shipments ready for transportation by air/sea or land supported by a team with hands on experience, packing done at customers site or at our own warehouses.

    Ship and Aircraft Chartering

    Expertise in hiring ships and aircrafts for large volumes of cargo, contacts with reputed owners, brokers and operators offering services, professionally qualified staff with extensive local knowledge.


    Arranging all forms of insurance policies to and inside Iraq for various shipments.